Chiropractic Manipulation: $45.00

The Chiropractic portion of my practice was my initial passion for treating conditions naturally. Most people who come into the clinic with low back and neck pain, headaches, and muscle skeletal joint pains, find great relief from chiropractic adjustments.

Correcting Spinal Imbalances

The hand and instrument adjustments are applied to the areas of joint locking and  restrictions or areas of complaint. When the joints move within normal limits and  range of motion is restored, then there is a reduction of pain. Most people are aware of the popping sound of a joint being adjusted, this is cavitations or the joint releasing gas from solution when under pressure, not bones rubbing and cracking against each other. The cost and duration of treatment depends on case by case needs. Example simple headaches caused by neck misalignment, compared to lumbar disc herniation with sciatica. Whatever the case may be, I can help you  rediscover a better you, aligned to good health.

The History of Chiropractic

The original concepts of chiropractic came from the originator, DD Palmer. Most people, even chiropractors don’t know about the origin of chiropractic. DD Palmer was influenced heavily by a Japanese Acupuncturist name Shigataro Morikuba. Traditionally, acupuncturist did not recognize the nervous system or endocrine system. However, Palmer knew some of these concepts in human anatomy. In his day, he  was called a magnetic healer.

If we look at the relationship of spinal nerves and organ function,we find that the Asians stimulated the back points to change the energy related to the organ. Palmer adjusted the individual vertebrates to influence nerve function. Due to changes over time the one cause and one cure, subluxation (bone out of place) theory,  has pretty much gone by the way side.  Modern chiropractors pursue a variety of muscular/skeletal problems and conditions, for pain relief.

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